George does the Regent

Georgie, who is that crazy looking human you’re with?

Oh, it’s the guy at the front of Hamley’s Toy Store. George was only allowed to have his photo taken outside as they won’t let dogs inside.And here is their other “security guard” – LOL!!!IMG_8475Every now and then Mummy goes shopping with either one of us. Two, she said is a little unmanageable especially if you’re walking along busy Regent Street in London.  This time Georgie got to go.

They walked from Oxford Circus … IMG_8423To Piccadilly Circus.  It was a long walk for little Georgie.  Think he’s looking a bit knackered!IMG_0244They went into every store just to see who would welcome pets.  There were the really obvious ones like … HunterIMG_0234Levi’sIMG_8470 Barbour – who was showing us their dog coats.IMG_8493 Of course we know Apple is always welcoming …IMG_8399 We get stopped every time we enter the store – not to stop us from going in but to say hello!IMG_8404 At Michael KorsIMG_8438 OmegaIMG_8426Mummy and George went to Tumi IMG_8466To checking out their airline carrier bag for Georgie. We think he’s grown taller and a bit longer since he came to stay. Honey’s Real Dog Food – is creating travel dilemma for Mummy!!! 🙂IMG_8461Georgie smelling the flowers at Molton BrownIMG_8443Trying out the interesting stairs at Ted BakerIMG_8413Georgie saw a lot of new sights that day! 🙂IMG_8421And some rather strange creatures as big as he is.IMG_8424And then there were those who went on the alert at the sight of dinky George.  The security guard at Niketown hurried towards them as they stepped inside the long entrance before they even entered the store.  NO DOGS ALLOWED.  Store Policy!  IMG_8420What Mummy realised is that if you asked the security guards, they had to stop and think and then would say no, because in their contract, they are not to allow dogs to enter – must be for some safety issues.  But if you insist that they ask the staff, often they would say – yes, sure, come on in! Especially when it is George’s size. They had two such experiences.

At Longchamp, the security guard told Mummy that his contract stated that he was not to allow dogs/pets to enter the premises. IMG_8445But when we spoke to the store manager, she said, it was up to the discretion of the staff and in some cases, they would ask the customer to carry their dog.  In our case, because George was so dinky and harmless plus so irresistibly cute – we went in. IMG_8448George was well greeted by their staff by the looks of it!!!

Also at Super Dry they would prefer it if you can carry your pooch. No problem with Georgie.IMG_8490There are two H&Ms along Regent Street.  The security guard at the Oxford Circus branch said no pets allowed inside!  But at the other H&M along Regent Street, when Mummy and George popped their head inside to ask, the staff were only too happy to welcome them in.IMG_8487When Mummy queried them about the different policies, the Regent Street staff were surprised that their security guard did not know the store policy.

But all along the way, lots of people were happy to see Georgie and fussed over him – which he reciprocated.IMG_8457IMG_8434There were not anywhere to dine inside but quite a few options to sit outside at The Regent Street Food Quarter on Heddon Street.
IMG_8481 IMG_8480 But there’s always Liberty’s – the most dog friendly of all the stores. And you can even stop for a bite in their cafe on the third floor!!!  We love Liberty’s!IMG_7628

May’s comment: We’ve been checking out dog friendly shops along popular shopping streets in London – Kings Road, Sloane Street, Sloane Square so far and now Regent Street.

The “No Pets” stores are: Hamley’s, Espirit, Folli Follie, Godiva, Karen Millen, Nespresso, Kiki, Austin Reed, Swarovski, Viyella, Uniqlo

Only small dogs or dogs must be carried: Armani Exchange, Longchamp, Mango, Super Dry

Enjoy shopping along Regent Street!  It was a lot more dog friendly than I had expected it to be.  Liberty’s the best of them all!!!

But I would not bother going along Oxford Street – there are probably a few dog friendly stores but I don’t think it will be very enjoyable for the pooches.


  1. Hi, this was really helpful as I am often walking my dog when I want to go shopping. Can I ask if you just walk into the shops with the dog or if you ask before entering? I am hoping to go to Ted Baker with my tiny pooch and just wanted to check! Thanks! xx

  2. Ellen

    Polpo and vinoteca near liberty are at least small dog friendly. I’ve also heard pizza pilgrim is, but haven’t been in person.

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes had heard about Polpo but never been – must check it out.
      Will find where Vinoteca is.
      Thanks for the tip!

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