George has a new look!

Do you like George’s new look?

Mummy’s mighty pleased with it.

We were both at The Pet Spa yesterday. I had my usual cut but George had been growing out his hair since he had his first groom when he arrived in London back in September.

This is before – a rounder faceIMG_8117IMG_9088A squarer face!IMG_9423IMG_9417Mummy thinks he’s even more handsome now – and living up to his namesake.IMG_9387

 May’s comment: And Darcy – you are delicious!!!  The Pet Spa does it again!


  1. Fiona Weller

    Both of you looking gorgeous

  2. Maggie Danks

    They look beautiful May. Maggie had been to the groomers today too but she seems to be in a mood now lol.

  3. Laura cordovano

    Seriously could they be any cuter?
    Love George’s new cut.

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