George saved the day!

Just in case you’re wondering where we’ve been …

Well, at the Lievito PizzeriaEntertaining Little Tyke and Mini Tyke at the pizzeria. One of the many places where Mummy takes us to with the two Tykes.

We’ve been walking the kiddies to Summer Camp each morningAnd then walking them home. George and I take turns.

I prefer the walking home in the late afternoon. This is the reason why …One afternoon when Little Tyke saw me with Mummy he ran off to find his friends and told them, “Come and see my dog.” Awww, that made me feel good.

But we did not go to everywhere they went. Mummy took Little Tyke to art shows –

Where he was really intrigued by some of the sculptures. I would have loved to have seen them too.  But Mini Tyke is too little to go to these things so Camilla create art with her!
But back home, our roles do not cease. 
We keep Little Tyke company when he has some down time and stays on his iPad, Or reading together before bedtime.

But more importantly, when Mummy got cross with Little Tyke and he got into a sulk, dear Georgie stepped right in and comforted him.But the biggest deed that Georgie did was the first night when Mummy and Camilla were looking after the two kiddies. Mini Tyke, aged 4 woke up in the night and sobbed inconsolably that cry of abandonment. “I want to see (as in Face Time) Daddy.” Mummy thought quickly on her feet. “Would you like George (the dog) to stay with you?” That worried look immediately broke into a smile. “Yes, please. Can he sleep with me?” Phew! Problem solved.
He didn’t save the day, he saved the night! Poor George has since been held captive each night in her bedroom because of course he would rather sleep on Mummy’s bed. But he has a part to play in this child management episode.

And then Sasha says, “Oh! But I want George to sleep with me.” You win some you lose some.

May’s comment: Third dog has been re-homed. A few days later I’ve landed with two kiddies – for eight days while their parents are away!!!! Needless to say my daily routine is not the usual – how to occupy their time and manage their schedules as well as mine. Not to mention cooking two meals (unheard of), packing lunch, running kids off to Summer Camp, making sure the dogs are walked! Oh, not forgetting bath time and bedtime stories.

Of course the dogs are a little less indulged in such circumstances – even forgot to schedule dog walker one day!


  1. Sam Rowntree and Lola x

    Lucky Tykes to have such a lovely Aunty May and 2 such gorgeous poochies to look after them. Sounds like you’ve got your hands full….. xx

  2. Cheryl

    Enjoy your time with them, it goes so fast!!
    Thank goodness for George!!

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Lovely to see you pooches doing your share of the child minding.?

  4. Jane Hamon

    Busy busy!!!

  5. Cheryl

    Making memories with the Tykes is special you all look to be enjoying yourselves Cheryl and Susie x

  6. Alison Mullett

    Lovely to see Tyke and mini Tyke. I’m sure you, Camilla, Darcy and George are having great fun and making some wonderful memories!!! It will seem very empty when they leave! Xxx

  7. Ellen

    Lievito told us dogs at lunch only. Didn’t expect that for an Italian place Ricardo’s down the street was super welcoming.

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