Giving Thanks

“Thank you for the food before us,

the nourishment it gives to our bodies.

Thank for our home, our warm beds

And for our family


Oh, and we forgot – thank you for the parks with tons and tons of squirrels. Thank you for the friends who took care of us while Mummy was out of action. Thank you for all the pooch friends that we know.

May’s comment:  This is one American holiday we adopted.  A secular holiday dedicated to being thankful … and this year we have a lot to be thankful for.

Good health is high on the rankings, along with good friends who have been there when I needed them.

For the opportunity to dream, to be able to follow one’s heart,

For my two wonderful doggies to love and meaningful times spent with people we love.




  1. Cecilia

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! My family and I are thankful of all the blessings that God had given us!

  2. Sarah

    How clever they are to be each raising the left paw at the same moment. Or is it that their mummy is a clever teacher?

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