Me – Good Citizen?

Mummy loved watching the Southern Golden Retriever do their show.  She love how they walk in sync and how they all sit in a row and wait for their owners. 

IMG_2804 IMG_2805 IMG_2802 Here’s me watching the show as Mummy whispered in my ear … think you can learn a thing or two, darling?


Yes, darling Mummy. But they’re not so perfect – some of them decide that the ground is more interesting than sitting still! LOL!

May’s comment: So lovely and funny to watch … the Golden Retrievers – in general were amazing. But every now and then one of them would decide to do something different – get up from their sitting down position to smell the ground, oblivious to everything around them. But so beautiful to watch their faces of anticipation waiting for their owners.

I was thinking if we can ever get our cockatoos to so something like that – we’ll have to do a whole different routine where they show off their cockapoo dash – running in circles! 🙂

Anyway, have tried to start Darcy on classes to pass the Good Citizen Dog Scheme – but not so easy in London!


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