I know I am a lucky pooch. I don’t go hungry except when Mummy wants me to lose some weight. And I am bored inside a flat but I go on holidays with and without Mummy in wide open spaces.

By contrast, Mummy reminds me of my fellow canines in other places.  She told me that the other day when in Ko Samui, she walked past a dog who had found some meat on skewers in a plastic bag on the side of the road and was pawing at it – didn’t know how to get to it. Mummy gingerly picked up the bag just in case the dog thought she was taking his food away. She spilled the meat out and the dog gratefully chomped it down.


As always she saw many dogs whilst there. Some were in a parking lot looking for food – one went up to her.  She wished she had something to give it.


Others were lying by the road side or just about scavenging for food.


May’s comment: I’ve posted before about the dogs in Ko Samui. Most of them are not starving or beaten or ill. That’s their life – they stray and then they go home. Their game is to scavenger around to find food. But what they remind me of is little children. Yes, I treat Darcy like my little baby. Someone had said that dogs are like a two and a half-year old child. So when I see these dogs wandering around – I see little children being left alone – out to fend for themselves. I probably shouldn’t feel that way but I can’t help it.

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