Group photo, anybody?

Our hoomans love to have us pose as a group.

Two is usually not a big deal.
IMG_4408Marley and me!
IMG_4424And by now Jaffa, George and I have practiced posing together many times

We tried it with Karma – as I said, two’s easy especially if it’s with me as I will stay and the other one will just have to understand what they have to do
IMG_4326 But the hoomans stretched it a little as we did it with Karma, me, George and VinnyIMG_4379It’s a little harder when we dogs don’t really know each other well, especially when one is being horrid to another, as in George towards Vinny – who was also asking for it as he was sniffing George’s bum.

We even have to pose in bathtubs – Charlie, Jaffa and me after our muddy walk
IMG_4015Or in places where we’ve travelled to – with Miuccia in the Yorkshire DalesIMG_3408Here’s another when Maddie joins in sometimes – and this was when Bubbles who was a little pup thenIMG_1809Or at the park, whenever there seems a place that looks good for us to sit on IMG_1984George, me, Jaffa and Stanley

But this is the max number without any hoomans (Andrew, get out of the photo!)IMG_7355-580x580Stanley, Charlie, me, George, Jaffa

Sometimes we do it in restaurants – with CrumpetIMG_7323We’ve had many group photos taken at our Hyde Park Meets but not yet one without the hoomans – IMG_6373Now that would be a feat!  Shall we keep trying? 20+ doodles all in a row?

May’s comment: flyingpigsDid you see what just flew by, Miss D? (Photo credit:

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