Guess How Much I Love You

“Guess How Much I Love You” is Mummy’s favourite children’s book and she had bought the book for Little Tyke.  Her favourite part of it was “I love you to the moon and back.”

So when she decided she wanted to get me a piece of jewellery to wear instead of a regular dog tag, she asked Lilyrose if she could use that phrase on my tag. And Lilyrose made it for me.  IMG_5405

On top of that it says “Chipped (heart) Loved”

And then a little paw trinket and my name. IMG_5403Mummy thought long and hard about adding my name. But she figured that if anyone wanted to take me away, by the time they got so close to read it, they could easily carry me away by then. Besides I would never let anyone I am wary of get close to me and I don’t follow anyone who calls my name anyway. I can sniff them out and probably bark and nip them first.

But if I am lost and someone needed to be sure it was me, they will see my name.

And then Mummy got herself a “dog tag” too! And it says – “I love you even more than that” and it has my name and Little Tyke’s name on the last disc.

IMG_5404May’s comment: What a sweet, sweet thing for me and Darcy – something special from Lilyrose


  1. Tracey

    Gorgeous! X

  2. Melody

    Beautiful…..what a lovely idea !

  3. Melody

    Does Lillyrose have a website as I’m not on Facebook..or an email address so I can contact her to place an order? Such lovely unique bespoke items..very talented.

  4. Nancy Riese

    Wanting to buy this dog tag. Not able to see where to buy it.

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