Guilt-free holiday (for Mummy)

Mummy saw these photos of me and my friends at House of Mutt – and shed all feelings of guilt about leaving us behind.  

It was truly another lovely walk/run with my friends10334354_1336202473063672_3165662214625213442_n That’s me – heading off for a hunt1690081_1336203456396907_8519775642282129473_n 10306080_1336203676396885_1651631456889627799_n 10556352_1336203716396881_4231285170719916339_n 11937440_1336203663063553_7793199412322573004_n 12002299_1336202273063692_3392513856623018660_n 12088244_1336203489730237_3805316982544143042_n 12107717_1336202509730335_3466788280927988954_n 12274371_1336203289730257_5565330233902415809_n 12289575_1336202929730293_70728843835585655_n 10342496_1336203233063596_5079870093783605737_n 10257688_1336203469730239_8064796844914327561_n 1917078_1336202746396978_9092808132379396327_n 10398414_1336204363063483_6293690095142524602_n 1923690_1336202749730311_5347495557190023872_n and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

And at day’s end …1618420_1337197639630822_4341328825354076234_n 12122485_1337197066297546_390117254227399777_n 10391648_1337197596297493_3063110919730394329_n Zzzzzzz ….10357442_1337197626297490_5987743143786902974_nThat’s me – snuggling up to Sarah – probably why she couldn’t take a proper photo of me. 🙂

(All photos are from House of Mutt)

Don’t know what Georgie’s up to but I’m having a blast!

George: And we continue to get dressed up in our PJs – Jaffa and I! IMG_4986One day in orange … another day in blue!

Not quite running in the countryside like Darcy but we’re having fun – just Jaffa and I. And lots of loving from both Tiggy and Titus.

(Photo and video from Camilla)

May’s comment: Ahhhh, the green, green grass of lovely England …

Report from Sarah – Darcy is a very waggy woof – very “jolly” …


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  1. Jill Keiser

    Glad both woofers are enjoying their holidays so you can enjoy your travels, as well!

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