Something “gemütlich” bitte schon

We’re one night in Hamburg and Mummy wanted to dine out with us and her request for the concierge – something “gemütlich” 

But that restaurant, Das Dorf that we had booked weeks ago had a private party so we went somewhere else instead – still the brief to the concierge – something “gemütlich“, as in cosy and traditional.

Mummy has this idea about Germany which probably doesn’t really exist any more but it seemed that Das Dorf was what she meant. Instead we went to Velt An Der Alster.We walked there from the hotel along the Außenalster lake and saw many of the Christmas lights – Christmas markets, music playing. The restaurant was not gemütlich in the sense that Mummy wanted it to be but the food was excellentMummy said so and I can smell it. She had the Weiner schnitzel.  So predictable!

We were so happy to be back in the hotel …

This morning we saw some of Hamburg in the light. We went for our morning walk around the lake, and then had breakfast with Mummy in the hotel lobby –Dogs are not allowed in their restaurant but they accommodated pets and will set up tables in the lobby when requested. Maybe this is why– me begging for food.

So that was Hamburg done in less than 24 hours. Soon we’re setting off for Part 2 of our journey.

And Christmas is only 9 days away!!!!

May’s comment: Last night when having dinner, the restaurant was full and I walked in with two dogs and sat at a table on my own. Never bothered me before.  The restaurant was lovely and the staff were very welcoming and brought a bowl of water for the doggies immediately. Loved the bowl.

I wonder if people around me wondered who was this foreign woman on her own with two dogs at dinner.  Not that it mattered but it suddenly occurred to me that I am a bit mad like that. LOL!

Hotel Atlantic Kempinski is of course dog friendly and it is relatively close to the Central station and overlooking Außenalster Lake.  There is a charge for deep cleaning and they do not supply anything for the dogs.


  1. Jackie Lalwani

    Lovely portrait of Hamburg. Not Mad May – just crazy about your dogs like us and you will do anything with them to have fun – enjoy!

  2. Frank Gee

    gemütlich and wienerschnitzel some of my favourite things too, more delights to come in anticipation. X

  3. Cheryl Adams

    May, you are so not mad, just a woman who loves her dogs! Continued safe travels!

  4. Lucca

    So I am counting the trains how many so far.?

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