Georgeous Stories!

There’s something about George. He’s the little guy that entered our lives five years ago today.

While the UK held its breath about the outcome of the Scottish Referendum, Mummy was holding her breath as she went to meet him at South Mimms Service station with Kim.He was scrawny with a discoloured pink lower lip, a wart on his nose and fearful eyes.  Physically, he is quite a different fella today.But this little guy has not only grown into a handsome chap but it has been interesting watching his personality change.

He has been both mysterious because we have no idea what his life had been before he came to us and he is hilariously funny.

Besides that, he has also Mummy worried and upset with his ever unexpected “issues” that keeps evolving – stubborn squirrelling with no consideration of Mummy’s schedule. Or the time when we were walking in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales when he decided he was chasing rabbits at the bottom of a hill and wouldn’t come until Mummy rugby-tackled him!

We have lost him three times in Kensington Gardens – each time caught by a stranger and they had to call Mummy. But then one day when we were both running like lunatics in the park, George didn’t come back.  This time when Mummy received the call – the person on the phone told Mummy they were by The Serpentine Gallery.  It was at that point that Mummy knew George was no longer unaware but he knew he was lost.  He went in search for us – at a place where we meet frequently with other pooches.

Then his sudden being sick in the night at the beginning of the year. The sleepless nights and cleaning up after him at all times of the night/mornings.  All sorts of herbs and change of food until finally it was just a matter of increasing his food intake. And then he gained a whole 1.5kg!!!!  He became tubby!  The quantity needed to be reduced but was he going to get sick again? The vet suggested two tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk before bedtime to calm down the acidity. And it seems to be working – fingers crossed.

At the beginning whenever he saw a truck or a bus in the distance, he would put on all four brakes.  But in the last year he has become incensed about them. He abhors them. He sees one and he barks – so you can imagine what happens when we’re walking the streets of London. Seriously?On one occasion we were standing on a quiet street corner talking when a white van turned the corner and George  became enraged – he needs anger management!  It was so sudden when he jerked and his leash came off Mummy’s grip. He ran after the van as it drove down the quiet one way street. Mummy was in such shock, she couldn’t run. Two pedestrians saw what was happening and they stepped out on the road just before the van stopped at the street crossing. One of them stepped on George’s leash. I really thought that was it for dinky.  Another day in the park, the dogs were off their leashes and we had not seen one of the park trucks coming. It was going faster than they normally should when suddenly George darted towards the oncoming, albeit slow-moving truck and started barking at it. Mummy screamed as she watched him run towards it. The truck stopped and he was swept up in Mummy’s arms. That could have been a flat George if he had kept going and the truck driver didn’t see him.  We think his confidence has grown and therefore he’s more vocal about his fears. Maybe that explains why he barks when he’s not a happy bunny about trucks nor dogs.

Does that also explain why he barks at big dogs? He didn’t used to at the beginning but then he learnt – whenever I barked at a big black dog, he then follows suit and his whole body tenses up and he barks with such ferocity and anger.  Telling him to stop doesn’t work. The only way to stop him is to gather him up.  Was that again another aspect of his being a small dog on the streets confronting the bigger dogs that frightened him?

There was a time when he was possessive about his food and attention. Two months after he came to live with us, he started to be aggressive towards me whenever there was food or attention. Boy, oh boy! Mummy was at wit’s end – what to do now? And she felt badly for me – being attacked by this scoundrel in my home. Vanessa came into the scene and sorted him out. Today, WE never fight over food nor attention because he gets all the attention and I don’t really mind.  But he is still protective of his food when other dogs should approach him when he has found food. Some things don’t change.

There were also other funny traits about him.In the early days whenever we’re going up the stairs he would rub his body along the wall – all the way. Mummy couldn’t figure out what he was doing. Someone suggested he was marking his territory. Anybody else thinks so?  He has stopped now but still does it sometimes. Instead he does a “happy dance” on the landing when we reach our floor.

And because he’s a little guy and he knows he can’t run as fast up the stairs as I can, he would pretend he was interested in other things. He would pause and put his head through the balustrade to look down the stairs – there’s nothing to look at but he would just pretend he’s checking things out, he seems to say, I’m in no hurry, you can go on ahead.  And sometimes as he runs up the stairs, he would trip when he misses a step.  But when he makes it all the way up, he does his little “happy dance.”

Over time, he knew he’s the little guy and he knows that Mummy always takes my leash off first and then his. So even if Mummy were to undo his leash first, he would respectfully wait for me to go first.

For awhile he would decide he didn’t want to come inside. Why? We do to know. But today, he knows Mummy meant business when she told him to come inside. He no longer hesitates.

But coming down the stairs is different. Till today, he doesn’t like going down the stairs on the side of the banister. He would get all tangled up trying to run down on the side of the wall.

He also has this patterned behaviour. When it is bed time, he decides he wants to play just when Mummy’s getting into bed. He goes to get a toy, jumps up on the bed and wants Mummy to chase him. Most of the time, Mummy doesn’t play. He would then start to chew the stuffed animal …

The only one stuffed toy that he can’t have – and that’s my teddy.

All that said, the best thing about George is he makes Mummy smile. When he does his begging stance whether if asking for attention or sitting in Mummy’s arms and he wants to be stroked.

And he is such a little man. Every time Mummy gives him any bit of attention when in bed, he immediately turns on his back wanting to be stroked. These days, the best part of each walk is when he comes charging back to Mummy after we’ve been on a big run. The very fact that he comes back – that shows he knows he belongs.I love you George, despite me being aloof and all that. You’re just my pesky little brother and I wouldn’t want to play with any other.

May’s comment:  Over the years, we’ve captured George in many instances. But nothing like meeting him in real life.

In his own little way, he has made my world bigger. We’ve done travels together – not always easy. Yes, life would be so much easier without him but I would not have all those joys of seeing him run, him coming to me for snuggles and being able to comfort him when he’s frightened – brings out a whole different side of me.We don’t have a birthday to celebrate.  So today we remember the day when he entered our lives and joined our family.Just to mention that these beautiful Miniature Munchkin portraits were done by Amarcord Photography.

For those who have not met George before – he is a rescue from Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue who does amazing work saving strays and abandoned dogs in Hungary. George was a street dog and the Shelters found him in a Killing Station – destined for death. Through the funding of followers of the charity, he and another pooch was taken out of that Killing Station into a Foster Home in Hungary. He didn’t have any fosterers not adopters so he couldn’t make the next trip for the UK.  And just by chance, Hilda (who founded Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue) asked if I would consider fostering him – or he wouldn’t make the trip to the UK. After a long deliberation and much hesitation – I first lost the chance to foster him and then given another chance, I took him in as a fosterer. The moment I met him at South Mimms Service Station, he had me at hello. A couple of days later, I asked Hilda if I could have the first refusal. He was called Bobo but I thought, even then he was more a George, as in Clooney. And he has not disappointed! Happy Gotcha Day, Georgeous! You complete our family.

P.S. He has Maltese, Shih-Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier – and an honorary Poo!


  1. Cheryl

    ❤️ George your antics have brightened many a day for me, you are a cutie!

  2. Maree

    George you make me smile with you little ways. So gorgeous lol xxxooo

  3. Lisa King

    Oh, George…you are loved by all!

  4. Eppie Dyann Giles

    George and Miss Darcy make my days.
    As for hugging the wall it may be that he fell. Or fears falling. I know that my dog hugs the wall and she is a small dog. And I know people that stay close to the wall.

    Thank you for your story’s. We love them.

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