Happiness, contentment, love and joy

No, they are not our names – just how Mummy feels when she has us all to herself! 🙂

There are more and more of us cockapoos near the street where we live.  And our home has become the cockapoo “sanctuary” – that makes Mummy rather pleased with herself. 🙂

P.s. This fantasy will have to do for the moment.

Our “sanctuary” consists of me and dinky non-cockapoo Georgie – of Yorkshire Terrier decent and some itsy bitsy poo plus plus whatever.  Then everyone else who comes to play/stay.

There seems to be a lot of apricot cockapoos around here.

Charlie is quite a regular now.  He lives on the next road over from us.  IMG_5808When his daddy goes to work he gets to stay with Praewa (George’s godmother) and they play together.  When she can’t take him, we’re the back-up plan.

He has since learnt a few things from us …IMG_5809 He still takes my teddy even though he has been warned never, ever to do that!IMG_5573So Mummy gave him his own.IMG_8508

And this is Sammy who lives in our mansion block. Yesterday was Sammy’s first time with us.  And he too took my teddy! Why do they all like my teddy?

IMG_0306But because I knew he was sad, I shared teddy with him.

He was crying a little when his mummy left, and he kept looking out the window for her.IMG_0282so he got lots of hugs from our Mummy.IMG_0266But he soon settled and decided to read Dogs Today.IMG_0275 Georgie tried to get him to play but like me, he’s older and not into the antics of George. IMG_0270Little Jaffa who lives just down the road from us wasn’t in the group photo. She had her little girl op and had to stay home. IMG_7851But she came to play with us twice last week.IMG_0220 She’s a smallish cockapoo and just the right size for George.IMG_0222These are just some of the cockapoos in our neighbourhood – the ones who come to play sometimes.

There are a few more that we run otto all the time – there’s Rocko and Freddy and at least three others plus Ziggy the Labradoodle.

May’s comment: Happiness is …IMG_7737IMG_0323


  1. Julia

    What a lovely handful!!

  2. Bev

    O May hahah, how lovely, you are so lucky to live breath and work dogs, what a gorgeous bunch, I wonder what the collective for a bunch of “poos” is ? Hahahahahaha

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