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Happy Birthday, Rusty! (And our humans are now certifiable…)

Yesterday at our November Hyde Park Doodle Meet, we had cake to celebrate Rusty’s 5th birthday! I could smell it even before it came out of the box!img_0339There it is!img_0300 Rusty wearing his birthday boy hat and checking out his very delicious cake!img_0306And yesterday was also to be remembered as the day when our hoomans became certifiable.

Here are some of them, standing in a circle in the middle of Kensington Gardens to sing “happy birthday” to Rusty!!!!img_0310Note – we were all back on our leashes to be restrained because it would have been havocimg_0313As you can see, we weren’t joining in the singing but really interested in that HUGE chicken flavoured cake!img_0315We were all noses to the ground, scavenging for every crumb.

And Rusty’s looking at his cake being diminished img_0316Happy Birthday, Rusty! You’re FIVE!
full-groupL – R: Max, Alfie, Winston, Ted, Honey, Venice, Darcy, George, Rusty, Lucca, Ted, Charlie, Cookie

And then along came – Theodore Rooseveltimg_0341He had a lot to say – especially after the recent happenings Stateside!img_0342And his brother George, as in George Washington!img_0371And George was wondering why we kept calling his name!img_0378And then Oscar came running along – he was late for our group photo. 🙁img_0381And another Cookie came by.img_0375As Ted greets another latecomer!

So at the end of the day, 18 of us came to celebrate Rusty’s birthday!

May’s comment: Well, we have reached the ultimate craziness! The humans gathered around in a circle, with dogs on leads, to sing “Happy Birthday” to Rusty! LOL!


  1. Asha choolhun

    It was a brilliant morning, Honey had a fantastic time, lots of firsts for her: 1st meet, 1st time on the tube, 1st time seeing so many “poos” in one place, 1st time eating birthday cake & 1st time off her lead in the park for almost an hour! We will definitely be back! Thank you Miss Darcy & all of the other dogs for making us feel welcome!

    • Miss Darcy

      We love Honey!!!! And so glad you all came along. We hope you will soon be very much a part of the Cockapoo community in Hyde Park! See you on the 18th – we hope for the Christmas Jumper meet!

  2. Cecilia Lin

    It looks like Rusty had a memorable birthday celebration!

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