Has it really been seven years?

Happy Birthday, Little Tyke! My BFF.

We met when we were both walking on all fours, but it didn’t take long before he was walking on two legs. and now look at us – Today he’s a cool seven and I am just six months behind him. As you can see, he has for a while now been walking on two legs and grown taller than me. As for me, I am still on all fours and still on a leash.

May’s comments: It has been a joy to see him learn and marvel at things – and to be a (small) part of it. In the six plus years since Sasha and Darcy entered my life, I have been learning to love …Darcy has been a lesson in unconditional love – no matter what, she will always love me. She forgives when I haven’t been 100% loving, she forgets quickly all that is not good. She loves me no matter what. She may be aloof and pretends to be cool but I hear from others that when I am not around, her only focus is when I will return. She makes me feel so wanted, so needed, so loved.

Loving Sasha is easy. He is a beautiful child and engaging.  We’ve had many hours spent talking about all sorts of things, and we still walk together holding hands. But soon that will end. He is not my child and even if he is, loving him means letting go. Aunty May will soon become less and less interesting, but I hope I have given him enough for him to want to come back sometimes – for a chat. Maybe to find out if I am ok. And for him to continue to tell me things.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Happy birthday Sasha, have a lovely day.?

  2. Julie Entwistle

    What a lovely tribute. Happy Birthday xx

  3. Cheryl and Susie

    Happy Birthday x

  4. Norma Roberts

    What a beautiful story. I’ve never met Darcy, little tyke or you “May” but I love you all

  5. Happy Birthday little Tyke x

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