Haute Couture

Being measured by Ann Saunders for a custom made coat to Mummy’s specification! Something that matches Mummy’s jacket! 🙂

This could be the Miss Darcy jacket.

And then Mummy also thought it’s time to have a proper carrying bag. Sometimes, like we did in Paris going into cabs, they would only take us if I was in a bag – even when Mummy with clenched teeth said to the cab drivers – “I thought I’m in Paris! Aren’t the French suppose to like dogs. Besides she’s a freakin’ cockapoo, she doesn’t shed!!!”  But of course a lot of the cab drivers in Paris are not really French!

But we had this raffia bag that she had bought when in Costa Rica that had done the job. From a very young age when Mummy took me to the tube, I was in the bag.  I grew into it.IMG_2319

So because of that I have always felt very secure and never minded sitting in it – my head sticking out. But as I grew, the bag of course got heavier. And even though it still holds well, Mummy’s afraid that it will eventually break.  IMG_2316I can’t really lie down in it.  I can sit in it with my head sticking out. So again Ann offered to make one for me to size as well as so I can lower my head if I need to.  We’re off for our travels soon – so this will come in handy.IMG_2320Ann taking a photo of what I look like in current bag.

May’s comment: Ann from Alice Foxx is extending her line and Darcy is being the perfect model for her.

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  1. Darcy looks so cute! Rusty would never sit still lije that!

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