Off to our playdate with Myrtle

Yesterday we took the train from Marylebone to High Wycombe – we had a playdate with Myrtle who lives there.  IMG_9650 It wasn’t so early but we did hit the late part of rush hour. As we went to board the train – we were definitely going against the direction of human traffic.IMG_9661 Mummy, you’re coming? IMG_9662 We have to get on our train!IMG_9663 IMG_9664 IMG_9665 I get to sit with Mummy.IMG_9667 Ah yes, it was an early rise.IMG_9668Hmmm. So what’s for breakfast?
IMG_9669 Georgie sat with Renate. She told Georgie that her doggies were never allowed on her lap. Well, isn’t that an honour, Georgie?IMG_9674 He was not as relaxed as I am. He’s always looking at what’s going on around him.IMG_9670 Soon he was on the floor checking out the next carriage – what’s going on over there?IMG_9681 He sure gets the attention of everyone.IMG_9682IMG_9685It wasn’t a long train ride and soon we were at High Wycombe. Niki came to get us and we drove to their home to meet Myrtle.
IMG_9707George and I were so thrilled to be able to run and play in her garden.IMG_9708We were so excited but Myrtle was looking at us going – what’s the big deal?IMG_9709 Oh Myrtle, you don’t understand. We don’t have big gardens like this in London where we can run freely!IMG_9710 Chasing each other.  IMG_9706Hey George! You’re fast, you little dinky thing!IMG_9703 Myrtle, where did George go?IMG_9702


  1. Laura cordovano

    Love this! Love seeing them run their little hearts out. I’m convinced George is a puppy…:-)

  2. Elaine

    What a lovely start to the day!

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