It’s Wednesday – it must be Pilates

Our Wednesday morning walks is a part of Mummy’s get fit day. We walk to Six Physio on Kings Road. As she’s doing a one-on-one session, we can go in with her. If not, we usually sit with the receptionist.

So I go on the treadmill as one is suppose to …IMG_7886All the tennis balls seem to have disappeared but  found a big ball instead.IMG_7892_2 But when the session got going, we get tied up by the bed so Georgie won’t do a jumping up on bed like he did at the Osteopath.IMG_7879But Erin is always coming to say hi to us. IMG_7883 And as always, before we leave, let’s check what’s behind the counter – IMG_7895_2there’s always something in the bins. Humans like to throw some of their food away sometimes and that’s where we always find them.IMG_7901_2May’s comment: Our Wednesday routine. Makes going to Pilates so much nicer. 🙂

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