Himmelska Hundar (Heavenly Dogs)

Hooray! We found a dog friendly cafe in Stockholm and it is called Heavenly Dogs. Very sweet little place that serves light meals, cakes and treats for us pooches.IMG_4279 IMG_4281There were a few rules to follow:IMG_4276

That says:

– if you let your dog lose, keep an eye on it

– dry their paws if it’s rainy weather (They had towels, etc for drying the dog paws)IMG_4291

– if there’s an accident, let us know

– dog: please don’t bark

– Female dogs in season are welcome when the season is over

Some obviously did not pay attention to them as this Jack Russell was yapping away the whole time

IMG_4277 Here’s one of two black labsIMG_4278 A beautiful whippet …IMG_4293 In fact there were two!IMG_4298 And a few others …IMG_4310 And along came a cockapoo called Soya! He’s four years old!!!IMG_4299 Here we are both standing to attention.IMG_4306

When Mummy’s lunch came, I also had my own treats.IMG_4286 IMG_4288IMG_4286

May’s comment: Sweet little place – close to the Garten where dogs go walking so it’s really convenient to have it so close by.

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