How small is Big?

Big is the smallest Chihuahua with the biggest personality!

He lives across the street from us and often run into each other. I am a little afraid of him. It was not until recently that he had stopped barking at me.

To my surprise, he came to visit me yesterday. I was so surprised to see him at my home, I didn’t even bark at him – but did when he went towards my basket of toys.

And when his daddy left him with us, he sat on Mummy’s lap the whole time.  I sat next to them – letting him have his moment.IMG_2357

See how tiny he is – next to Mummy’s shoes.IMG_2349 And next to me, I look like a giant and yet he intimidates me. Size doesn’t matter.IMG_2341

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  1. Quincy

    That’s how I feel! My Mummy says I have a big bark for a 3 kilos doggy! I just feel I gotta’ let everyone know I am around so they don’t step on me and plus I have to protect my family from any intruders…so a big bark always helps!
    Big you are really BIG in my eyes!

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