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Meet Nr. 13 for 2013

Today we were around 30 of us

cockapoos plus cavapoos and one labradoodle joined us. And there was a little bischon-poo who ran after the big dogs.


May’s comment: It was funny that early on, there was a man who was shouting at his black labrador (we think that’s what it is) and the cockapoos who were there started barking and ran towards him, telling him off! Pretty funny, these fluff balls sharing their opinion.

This is the sight that everyone passes by sees – we had people taking pictures of us having our group photo taken!



  1. What a wonderful meeting!!! How do you organise them? I want to say that cockapoo owners seem to be very friendly and nice people. I certainly can understand that strangers who took pictures, I would love to do it too. 🙂

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you! We have a rally lovely group of owners too – makes it all really lovely.
      We have a distribution list of over 80 and we have attendance now averaging 20, so that’s 25% turnout – really not bad. We’re reaching 30 already.

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