• IMG_1209Where is everybody?
  • IMG_1205Looking Right
  • IMG_1206Looking Left
  • IMG_1215Darcy, Luca, Dash
  • IMG_1232There was some wrestling
  • IMG_1236
  • IMG_1245A lot of white ones
  • IMG_1268
  • IMG_1271
  • IMG_1273
  • IMG_1281
  • IMG_1284

Calling all Londoners!

Today is our 11th meet.  I got there early and wondered where everyone was.  Then suddenly everyone appeared – so exciting!

We had 18+ (very hard to keep count of us since we can’t ever sit still.)

L to R: Vida, Dash, Poppy, Alfie, Lily, Rusty, Darcy, Harry, Spartacus, Teddy, Luca, Lola, Rosie, Lila, Poppy

Later came:

IMG_1275Amber, a cavapoo

IMG_1280And Reuben

But we also had a Yorkipoo. Altogether 18 of us.

There were lots of ball chasing, stealing water bowls, a few growls of possessiveness and a love up between Harry and Alfie!


Fun was had by all!

May’s comment: We weren’t expecting too many poos today as it’s the height os a summer weekend, but more came than expected. Hooray!

We had at least six new recruits and we’re including all poos – cavapoos, yorkipoos, maltipoos and even a doodle – as long as they all look like our cockapoos.


  1. Lisa

    Hello May, Spartacus and I had a lovely time meeting you all yesterday and I loved cuddling all the cockapoos! Sparty is also a Chelsea fan, he has his own team shirt that he looks very handsome in and sometimes wears on match days.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Lisa, so glad you came across us and we look forward to more meetings in the park. Love the name Spartacus.
      Darcy only has a Chelsea scarf and a hat but no shirt. Must look into that one. And when we start winning trophies, Spartacus and Darcy must put on their gear for a photo!
      I got a comment from another cockapoo owner who told me that they live a few doors down from a Chelsea player but she doesn’t know who he is. She can’t be a Chelsea fan. But her poo keeps taking the ball to him – clever dog!

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