I am a part of One Dog Policy

Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that Mummy can never have another dog – like in China.  I’ve just been added to a project called Maija Astikainen One-Dog Policy.

Maija came all the way from Helsinki to photograph some dogs in the UK as part of the project.

And this is the photo she took of me in our living room which she is adding to the portfolio. We love it. Mummy is loving the colours.

She had also taken another one of me but we all agreed the other one is more colourful.

miss_darcy-1-2Thank you Maija for adding me to your beautiful collection of photographs!

May’s comment: The poser that she is – she jumped onto the chairs and just sat to be photographed!  We are very proud to be part of her project – a cockapoo representation!

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  1. Fiona Weller

    Lovely photo of Darcy 😀

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