I am sitting on a door knob

There is this place near where we live called Farmers Brothers – they sell everything you can possibly think of. But next door to it is their door hardware store – Mummy can spend a long time in there just looking at door accessories. Just don’t understand Mummy sometimes.IMG_1764 I tried to sneak down stairs to see what’s down there but was halted by a stern – NO!IMG_1767Well, guess I’ll find a place to sit while waiting for her to make up her mind.  So I found went to sit on the world’s largest door knob – do you think giants buy them for their homes?IMG_1759Round? Reeded or plain? Square door handles? Chrome or Nickel? Matted or polish? Too many choices, too few doors. I need a rest from all that mind-churning questions.IMG_1763May’s comment: Farmer’s Brothers started as a hardware store – one of those gems that you can find anything you can possibly want for the household repairs, etc, etc. They are a local institution. IMG_1996They expanded to door accessories. And now they even have their owns brand alongside Beardmore.

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