I AMsterdam!

Our journey was long and our destination – beautiful!An early morning walk along Prinsengracht and then I had to wait for the hoomans to have breakfast before we got on with the day.  The entourage went on a canal boat tour of the city.Aye! Aye! Captain – I shall protect your boat – especially when one of those little hoomans curiously pushed one of the buttons that started the boat! The boat went past canal houses, lots of bridges and the hoomans were delighted …I had a look toowhen Little Tyke said loudly,Look, Darcy! There goes a cockapoo!” His voice carries very far and the lady walking alongside the canal heard him. She turned and waved.And then she saw me!!! And she smiled and waved!

More canal tour photos – this one is of the seven bridges. Well, that hour plus ride was my morning activity with the hoomans. For after that I was left by myself in the hotel room while the hoomans went to the Van Gogh museum.  Little Tyke got very involved with the child App that took him tovarious points of interests and specific paintingsMummy and he were a team – because he was little he often couldn’t see the pictures so she helped him locate the art (she said it wasn’t so easy) and then he listened to the story behind each of the Van Gogh’s paintings.

Well, that sounded like “fun”. And they all came home … and see what they bought – for George?  Mummy had told the person behind the counter that she was buying it for George. His response, “Let’s hope he doesn’t bite off his ear.” Ha! Ha! He was funny but alas, there were no ears to be bitten. George would have loved to have nibbled them.

After they came home, it was my turn for a walk. And we found the restaurant, Nooch that we would be dining at that night Nooch – as its dog-friendly!

May’s comment: Nooch is one of a few restaurants we have found that is dog-friendly. Located at Reestraat 11, 1016 DM Amsterdam

Obviously no dogs allowed in museums and the boat is usually off-limits to dogs – solely because the hotel was looking after the interests of the other guests. As there were six of us, we hired the boat to ourselves and Darcy could come. It was the best thing as I think the other guests would not have tolerated being on the boat with three very active kids!!!! Darcy was the quietest of them all and she sat still the whole time on the floor except for photos.

This was a trip planned for those who have never been, so I had to think of things and images of Amsterdam to show them … and through it all, I saw Amsterdam again like I did the first time. Maybe not the best choice of restaurants but I was not the majority – Asian food was in demand.

Our growing pile of loot …A personalised Miss Darcy pillowcase, a Van Gogh doll for George … what’s for me? 🙂


  1. Poppy the Cavachon

    You are one lucky dog Miss Darcy

  2. Cheryl

    What a great trip! I’ve heard so much about Amsterdam, but have never been, maybe it’s time to change that?!

  3. Janice

    You having a great life miss darcy

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