I did not bark at Santa nor those funny reindeer

Yesterday we saw yet another Santa. This time I did not bark at him. Still not sure about his facial hair and floppy hat. Nor did I bark at his funny four-legged friends with branches sticking out of their heads. Must be very uncomfortable to curl up. Can’t imagine. But could be a good chew!
IMG_0002I was just a tad nervous being close to them – that one closest was eyeing me.

IMG_0007 We saw them at the Elizabeth Street Christmas Market. George did not get to go as he’s a bit too squirmy still for crowds. So I got to go have a look-see.

While Mummy looked at things on table tops, I looked at things under the tables.

IMG_9981 Hmm, I smell something.IMG_9983 This is the only time when I am interested in what’s on top of the tables.IMG_9985 Oh and then there are funny things on dog’s heads. Mummy said I should have a look at this. Except if I wear it, I will look like I have a very big head with some feathers sticking out of it.IMG_0010Not for me, thank you!

Note: Me and Mummy wearing matching coats. IMG_9991

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  1. Denise.Scott

    Hi Darcy – that reindeer looked a bit scary!!!
    My mum bought me an antler a few months ago ( or part of one to chew one) she got at our local pet shop – very nice and hardly every wears out.
    But I dont like the look of Father Christmas – I will be on guard for him on
    Christmas Eve – he had better not come down OUR CHIMNEY I will be barking at him!!!!

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