I donut it!

What a pretty box of doggy doughnuts!

It arrived in the post for us … and I can smell all it’s deliciousness!

So how does one get to those pretty things? Pushing it around doesn’t work.
Aha! I can open the cover but … it wouldn’t stay up!
But I can lick them!
I can lick a few of them!!!
George was afraid of the box – so I guess I had to do all the work!
You mean I only get one after all that hard work?

May’s comment: Lovely box of doughnuts from Arton & Co. We just found it they are pressies from Yuuna and Rosaline! No message in the package that said so πŸ™

Thank you Yuuna! Belated Merry Christmas! Love them!

Darcy was as usual sniffing her way and getting to the treats! George is usually afraid of things that move and make funny noises so he kept at a distance.

Doughnuts are made from these ingredients – https://artonandco.com/products/doggy-doughnuts


  1. Jill Keiser

    What a yummy post- Christmas gift from Yuuna and Rosaline! Enjoy!

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