I know where you’ve been!

The last time when I was away at The House of Mutt, Mummy had put a Nano Tracker on me – she was giving it a trial run.  

She wanted to see what I’ve been up to at the House of Mutt. IMG_4987Sure enough she found me safely there! IMG_7051And she could tell where we went for walks!

But back home – for the fun of it, she tracked my walks with the dog walkerIMG_8524Wow! That’s a long walk!

And when we were at Kensington Gardens – that’s what happens when George and I go into a frenzy of  running all over the park!!!! IMG_6534Poor Dog Tracker must have had a hard time keeping up with our zig zags!

May’s comment: While George has the smaller Pod Tracker, I tried on Darcy the more robust Dog Tracker Nano.IMG_5736I put it on Darcy when we go to a new place we’ve never been – as it gives me the confidence to let her off lead – just in case she gets lost in unfamiliar places.

We’ve tried the first Dog Tracker about three years ago but since then, they have improved on their technology by leaps and bounds – and though still large but lightweight – it’s not overwhelming for Darcy.  It is also waterproof.  It comes with a collar that fits a wide range of sizes, but we also found our own collar that we preferred.IMG_8246The Nano is a “live GPS tracker” that provides a constant location vis the App on the mobile phone  – whether in the UK or abroad.  Obviously the live tracking is essential for the purpose of tracking your dog should it go missing.

You can set up a Geofence – to set up boundaries that if she ever went beyond that, it would alert me that she has gone beyond where I feel comfortable. In London, our Geofence would be the courtyard of the mansion block so it doesn’t really make sense.  But when she was away at House of Mutt, we can change the Geofence accordingly.IMG_8247For our daily purposes, I use it to track her walks and activities – not so much checking on her dog walkers but just to see how much exercise she’s had.

It’s easily charged which we do after every wear – just to be ensured it’s powered up and ready to go whenever we needed it.IMG_8245I hope we never have to use this tracker for any other reason except to make sure I know where she is just in case we lose each other in new places that she’s not familiar with. It’s also satisfying to see how far she has walked/ran when she’s out in the park.IMG_8524

Dog trackers are NOT replacements for microchips. Dog trackers are used for locating dogs should they go missing.  In the case of dog theft, if the person taking the dog has the presence of mind to remove the track, you will still have the initial tracking of the direction where the dog might have been taken.  Otherwise it serves as a good detector where your dog might be.

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