I met a distant Uncle!

Mummy and I got into a taxi one day last week and the driver turned and ask – “Is that a cockapoo?

Yes, she is!” answered Mummy proudly.

My daughter has one too … the only dog she was allowed because she doesn’t moult,” said the driver.

(Laughter) “Yes, me too,” Mummy replied.

They look very similar. What’s her name?” he asked

Darcy. Let me give you our blog card. What’s your called?


Where did you get her from?” asked the gentleman

She hailed from Wales,” and Mummy mentioned the breeder.

That’s where Holly came from too!

Notes were compared and it is very likely we shared the same father. The driver said, “I must be some distant uncle then!”

May’s comment: We sounded completely looney! But these are the conversations I have with people these days. LOL! Much better than politics and religion. Dogs bring people together.

Holly is almost nine and must be one of the very first cockapoos in the UK. She belongs to Simon’s daughter, Amber had her since she was 11.

It’s very likely that Darcy and Holly share the same father, the breeder’s stud dog. How funny!

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  1. Aw another jandaz cockapoo fab ❤️

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