Carol sing-along

Mummy took us to tea at Ampersand Hotel – we’ve been there for drinks before so we know they are dog-friendly – though only in the drawing-room and reception – not the restaurants.

When we entered the tea-room, there were carollers – it was all very festive, but really quite loud.IMG_0944

Georgie and I took our places under the table – our usual place.
IMG_0946We were both sitting quietly when the carollers broke into the next song and caused quite a racket. They were hitting some really high-pitched sounds …IMG_0949 So I thought I’d join in too.

Mummy went SHHHH! Told me I had to stop howling.

Howling?  What about the carollers?

Georgie just looked confused at everything that was going on.IMG_0952Then Praewa and Arsh (George’s godparents) arrived to join us for tea and they had brought little Charlie with them.

Charlie is a five month old cockapoo who lives in our neighbourhood – and they were dog-sitting him. Somehow we think he’s going to feature in our lives – quite a bit.

Georgie – he’s not so keen on Charlie. Me, it only bothers me when he’s in my territory.

This is all three of us under the table – all looking up at Mummy hoping she will share her scones.  I assure you George is under the table – he’s so dark you can’t see him.

IMG_0980 Here he is!IMG_0939 And Charlie was just chilling out wearing his Christmas jumper.IMG_0971 Here we are in the hotel lobby. Looked like we were hiding from that guy coming towards us on the right – he’s scary looking.IMG_0986May’s comment: I forget which carol it was but Darcy became excited as the carollers were hotting high pitch notes. 🙂 She got up from her lying down position, wagged her tail and started to howl – much to my embarrassment! But the carollers thought it was funny and so did the other guests. This was particularly so because I had told them over the phone when making the reservation that Darcy had dined in many restaurants and very well-behaved. I did not mention George thinking they would hardly notice him.

And then along came Charlie – we had three dogs!  Oops!

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