ICE-ing from Amsterdam to Berlin!

We’ve been on the ICE trains almost ALL of yesterday – from Amsterdam to Duisburg and from there to Berlin. And looks like George was going stir crazy!  That’s a funny way to sit on Mummy!

IMG_6657Regardless, we were just happy to be on our way.  The announcement kept coming on to say – due to the train drivers strike, 80% of all trains in Germany are not running. So we were the lucky 20% – how amazing was that!

George looked out the window a lot – wondering what’s all that outside the window – flying past us. IMG_6655Well, that’s only because he gets to sit on Mummy’s lap most of the time – these days this is how we end up – me on the floor and George on top of the world. Grrrr!IMG_6672But I get to try all different positions –

Me sitting on the seat
IMG_6668 Me curled up on the seatIMG_6669 Me sitting on top of the bag on the seat IMG_6687Me – sleeping on the bag on the seatIMG_6691Basically – bored stiff!IMG_6684And then the only bit of excitement!  To celebrate our crossing the German border, Mummy had to have some wurst! And we got some too!IMG_6648Not long before we arrived at Berlin, this lovely gentleman from Sydney, Australia sat across the aisle from us. His name is Mike and he told us he and his wife had four dogs. They have all since passed away but feel the need for another dog – next year?  So he was checking me out – we told him I’m a cockapoo or spoodle as they are called Down Under.IMG_6674I had lots of loving from Mike since George had dominated that area of our travel.

Having met another nice doggy person, of course, it was loo break time for Mummy!IMG_6681We kept an eye on where she was going.

The second part of our ICE train travel was four hours, and at the end f it, the sun was starting to set. In fact by the time we arrived in Berlin, it was already dark – so we couldn’t see much – just a lot of lights along streets with a lot of traffic. Mummy said – this sure wasn’t the Berlin she saw back in 1989!IMG_6679When we arrived at Berlin Ost, who did I see but one of my godmothers – Aunty Beate!  She had come all the way from Frankfurt to meet up with us. But I remembered her even though it’s been two years since she came to spend Christmas with us.  She knew us all too well – she immediately doled out the TREATS!!!! IMG_6695And George, he was excited as well – he didn’t know why he was excited – he just copies everything I do – which Mummy thinks it’s a problem sometimes when I don’t behave.

May’s comment: When are we going back?

Slow travel is not such a bad thing. It is quite relaxing and calming if you let it be. It would be a lot easier when travelling with another.  Otherwise, must make note to oneself – DO NOT DRINK COFFEE of any sort before travelling on your own with one or two dogs and hand luggage!!!  If you do, just meet nice people and get them to help you when you need to run off to the loo!

When travelling on the train in Germany the doggies need a ticket each – it’s half the price of a child’s second class ticket. This way none can say they’re not allowed on it because we paid to get on.  Come on Eurostar – you can do this too!


  1. Dee

    Glad all arrived safely, have a wonderful time with your friends. Guess the Ice Train wasn’t too bad :):)

  2. Miami Malteses

    Wow! This is quite a journey! We wonder if maybe George gets a little restless because it reminds him of being transported to and from the shelters and being in the crates, huh? Maybe once he realizes Mummy and you are never going to leave him he will be ok. You are such a great and seasoned traveler you can teach him everything you know!

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