Going our separate ways

Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go … the day has come when we all go our separate ways – temporarily!I know what all this means so I am a little sad but George has no idea what all these bags mean …
IMG_5187Kim came to pick up George. He knows her as she was the first person who picked him up the day we met him on his arrival in the UK. And Kim’s son Paget is so excited to meet George. He’s been telling his Mummy – he “needs” another dog!!! See you later Georgie-Porgie Pudding and Pie! Have fun with Bobby and Paget. IMG_5196He’s on his way!
IMG_5201But then I saw something I wasn’t so pleased about.  That’s Impostor!!!!IMG_5191 I can’t believe he’s getting onto Mummy’s bag – AGAIN!!!! Why does he get to go and I don’t?IMG_5127

Before I could mope any further, I heard familiar footsteps down on the courtyard. I knew it was Sarah from House of Mutt – ha! ha! ha! I know where I’m going and I can’t wait to get going!IMG_5205 See you later, Mummy! Have a good trip, OK?IMG_5208May’s comment: My goodness! What a logistical morning! Getting food and blankets ready for their departure before I go. I know they’re both off to good places and I am going to have nine days to myself after what seemed like three crazed weeks of first worrying about fostering, then debating about adopting, then adopted and what on earth have I done? Change of routines and haven’t had much time for anything else trying to sort out how it all works. So time to clear the head and I will know how I feel while I am away.



  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Oh what a relief. …I thought that George and miss D were leaving you…just going on their holibobs..andyou having some well eearned down time enjoy all of you. X

  2. Judith Vogel

    Dear May,
    George and Miss Darcy are in safe and familiar hands .. I’ll see you tomorrow and Bennie gets to meet faux Darcy. Looking forward to our reunion!

  3. Laura cordovano

    Miss Darcy is laying on the guilt trip big time! As hard as it is to leave it is always so great to come home to them. Safe travels.

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