I climbed a tree!

I was chasing a squirrel and saw it go up the tree.

And see that tree trunk there, well, I didn’t even use it. I leapt up on the top of that trunk!Never before had it come in so handy, as I could stand on it and be as close as I possibly could to the squirrel.Uh, Winston – why are you down there?
Hmmm. I’m a little high up …Agnes! What are you staring at?Help me down!!!As she snapped away at my predicament, George stood on a pile of dirt and barked – “I am the king of the mound!” Ark! Ark! Well, I did get down by myself on that tree trunk. It did come in useful.

May’s comment: Miss Darcy! What on earth!!! I think it is time for you to come home and behave like a proper city dog! But I must say, Miss Darcy – I was very impressed when I saw that you were up there and even more when Agnes told me you jumped up on the tree trunk – pretty high up! And you came down all by yourself.  I wonder if she could try climbing it someday! LOL!

As for you, Georgie – well done for being so good.


  1. Cheryl

    I think they’ve had a marvelous time being country dogs!
    Safe travels home.

  2. Margaret Danks

    I’m king of the world ma !

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