It’s Paris, so we must be in transit

We arrived back in Paris from Stockholm early yesterday – well, we would if we had to wake up at 4am to get going!  It seems like Paris is our stop over place every time we travel. When here, there are certain things we always do – like a walk in the Jardin des Tuileries.IMG_4553We usually walk in the mornings, but today we were walking through it to our lunch destination and saw a whole different scene! There were people everywhere so I could not run through the green and then we saw a gathering of dogs of all sizes!IMG_4557 When they saw us walking past, they turned to look at me. Some came over immediately to check me out.IMG_4558 There were quite a few big dogs there – scary!IMG_4561 And there were some making out on the green.IMG_4565 We quickly moved on and went to another of Mummy’s favourite place – Le Fumoir … it’s a bar, a restaurant, a library –IMG_4577 We were sat in the library area – in fact at the same table Mummy used to always sit.IMG_4573 And I am in my usual stance.IMG_4574After lunch we walked back to our hotel.
IMG_4581We had a different perspective of the pyramids at the LouvreIMG_4593 And then we ran into the big dogs we had seen earlier and their walkers.  It was quite amazing that half of them were walking off lead – crossing roads collectively, walking side by side.  They are seem very sedate.IMG_4595 IMG_4596 We walked along rue Saint Honore – Mummy went into a chocolatier to find some Easter Eggs but I was not allowed in. I was hooked up outside – yes, I agree with that man’s expression. 🙂IMG_4598This time, we had to go to the vet – as we were so close to the Eiffel Tower, we had to stop for our photo opp.IMG_4625Do you think we look alike?

We always try to meet up with friends. Tonight we saw Michel and Isabelle. IMG_4649 IMG_4651We had dinner at La Corte – so it’s Italian in Paris! Well, I guess it’s about right. We are now adjusting our taste buds as tomorrow we’ll be dining Italiano!

We do try to pack a lot into each day we’re here – we are after all in Paris.

May’s comment: I realised that I am reliving all the memories of yesteryear but enjoying the good times with my new best friend.  Because she is a dog and relies on me to take care of her and to include her in my life, I am pushing boundaries – to see how far I can actually include her in my life.

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