Making Up

We didn’t start the day very well. I jumped up at little Tyke this morning because I wanted to tell him I exist. He got scared and cried and Mummy got really cross at me.

I feel invisible. I don’t understand why Mummy keeps carrying him and spending a lot of time with him. He slept in my bed and took up a lot of space.  He would wake up in the night and Mummy would make such a fuss. I got scolded for barking when I heard noises.  Then I got left at home when they went for breakfast.

But when they came back, we tried to make up. Sasha was sitting on the steps when I went and sat next to him. He was quite tentative at first. Then I gave him a little kiss.


In return he gave me a hug. Inching our way into each other’s lives.


 I think we will be alright when he stops being a little wimp and when I accept that he’s here for a little while and Mummy wants to enjoy her time with him. I’ll just have to share Mummy with him.


  1. Christina Hughes

    What sweet photos! Darcy, you are gorgeous. And Sasha is incredibly cute and handsome.

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