Is that you, Marley?

Back in April, Mummy went with Afdera to pick up Marley from the Battersea Dogs Home. IMG_2060This was Marley after he had just arrived at his forever home.   His eyes were bulging with excitement! He was, they said, over-sexed! IMG_2109He couldn’t stop humping any dog his size – he didn’t dare hump me but poor George got it all.

It’s been six months since he had his balls chopped off. Yesterday, he came to visit Mummy – who is his godmother –IMG_4880 and he’s altogether a different dog. He has calmed down so much but of course neither George nor I were at home to greet him.

He’s become a real sweetheart.  A quiet soul and very calm.IMG_4874What a difference.

May’s comment: Marley is a Battersea Rescue. He is for sure a Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a Bichon Frise plus, plus, plus. They think he has five different breeds in him.

He was probably abused in some manner – evidenced by his reaction to anyone raising their voices, he would run to hide. But he’s very much in his forever home now. He has become a lovely companion for his owner, Afdera who lost her beloved Harry-Harry earlier this year.IMG_4888They’re inseparable.IMG_4885You’re home, Marley. You’re going to be alright.


  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Awww Marley is gorgeous and one very lucky boy. ..enjoy the rest of your life with Afdera …Xxx .

  2. Kate

    Marley your lovely ,what a great place Battersea is .Enjoy your forever home x

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