Never take for granted

When we wake up each morning, we know Mummy will feed us.  And she will take us out for walks, or if we go with the dog walker, she is always there to greet us.  She has always come home when she leaves us to go out.  

Then we watched this Budweiser commercial “Someone waits for you at home” for a  “Don’t Drink & Drive” campaign which shows a labrador waiting for his master to come home – and one night, he didn’t.

Gosh, that put a fear in our hearts. If that were to happen to us, not that Mummy drinks and drive, but what if one day she doesn’t come home? What would we do?

Well, it did sort of happened to us a few months ago. She left me at home longer than usual. Than my dog walker, Agnes came to get me for a walk around the block. I am usually excited to see her but this time I didn’t want to go. I wanted to see if Mummy would be home soon.  And then Praewa came to gave us our supper. And took us away.

It was all very confusing and then for the next few weeks, we stayed with different people. I was constantly looking out for Mummy, not knowing why she had not turned up. I would pull when we go out for walks and looking and looking for Mummy the whole time.

It’s a little like the movie about Hachi, which we had watched on Sunday. His owner left one morning and never returned.

Thankfully in our case, we were all reunited eventually. So we really shouldn’t take it for granted that our humans will always be there.

We would be so lost without our humans because we depend on them to be fed, to be taken out of the home to relief ourselves and for a run in the park to exercise, to have a place to sleep each night away from dangers and weather elements.

So please take care of yourself, Mummy and come home every time you leave us behind.  We would be lost without you.

May’s comment: A touching commercial but so relatable – there’s an element of truth in there.

I live by myself and have thought that if something happened to me and I am unable to communicate, how would anyone know to get Darcy and George.  Well when it did sort of happened to me, thankfully I was able to call upon my network of friends to take care of them. I was out of action for about a month and they were both well cared for.

Before that incident and since then, I carry a “My dog is at home alone” card from Oli Juste, a dog behaviourist, whom I met at the Primrose Hill Dog Event.  On it are the names of two contacts who knows my dogs and have access to my home.IMG_2921Paranoia? Better to be cautious and pre-empt situations.  Life is unpredictable.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Oh that is a must card! My husband works out of town each week so I am alone with my three dogs and a cat the majority of the time. I must get or make me a card with the information!

  2. Christine

    Since reading this I have ordered 2 of the cards from the website. When I broke my ankle last summer a friend was with me and she took care of my dogs. I too live alone and do worry about what would happen if ever I cannot get home. Thanks for the info May.

  3. Tracey holt

    Love your blog and mums too :)) now must go get a dogs home alone card!!!

  4. Margaret Danks

    I also have a note in my phone contacts under ICE ( in case of emergency) with various names and numbers in case anything happens when I am out to ensure that Maggiedog would be looked after.

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