It’s a priviledge …

But what does the Immigrant aka George think of the whole thing?

Mum was a little upset this morning when going to the Polling Station. Maybe it was the weather – it was starting to rain, the skies were clouded over and the sun wasn’t shining on this great city we live in.

But Mum said, regardless of how we feel, we have been given the chance to vote – and we must exercise our priviledge and not take it for granted. There are hoomans today that still do not have a say about their rights, they don’t have a voice.

Though we doggies don’t have a say either – we are there to support our hoomans and we will go wherever they go and we will live with them whichever the wind blows.

May’s comment: Can’t agree with you more, Georgie Porgie. This election seems such a farce.

I’ve usually gone to the Polls with hope, but this morning, I felt incredibly sad to think that whichever way the results come out – we are none for the better. I voted for the lesser of the worst policies.


  1. Cheryl

    I’m not sure which country’s government mess is worse, Britain’s or the U.S.. We can only hope that in the future wiser people and policies will prevail!

    • Miss Darcy

      I think politics is broken with a lot of the “leaders” following their own agendas rather than what the country needs.

  2. Daniel Hall

    Right on. Very well said.

  3. Same down here May!

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