Super hero or doggy alien?

Here he is – all decked up and ready to go!

And off we went …

IMG_5156Running around the garden…IMG_5170 Checking out what’s in the far end …IMG_5208 Running through the woods  IMG_5162C’mon dinky! We can run now because Mummy can hear you.IMG_5165 IMG_5158Mummy is so pleased with herself with George’s accessories. We went in the woods and we all had a lovely walk because Mummy wasn’t stressing out where George could have run to. We could hear him jingling away.

So the next time you’re in Hyde Park and you thought you hear jingle bells – look out for a dinky little black dog running in the bushes!  It would be George!IMG_5160And then to add insult to injury, they put this knit top on him.IMG_5211

May’s comment: Best solution!  Except at times we weren’t sure if it was the birds singing or it was George’s bell and one had to listen hard.

Though the wooded area is fenced in, there was still a chance he could have squeeze through. But he never went far – because I could hear him running through the paths and around the undergrowth. I did not run after him but rather listened after him. After he was done exploring, he came charging back.

Been told to look for reflective collars or glo-in-the-dark collars.  More accessorising George.

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