Just a dog-friendly Saturday

Mum had a busy week and she said today, we have to do hooman things. That means no park walk.

Instead we got on the Nr. 11 bus along King’s Road. Because the sun was out, the bus was quite crowded for a Saturday morning. Mum told me had to sit by myself.

Feeling quite grown-up. 🙂

We got off at Duke of York Square … going to Mum’s first appointment.

While Mum was getting her hair done …

We took our seat by the window and looked outside longingly – we could smell all the foods at the International Food Market downstairs.
There was another dog running around – cute little thing but she was sniffing out George and bothering him. We’re really not suppose to be off lead and running around.
When Mum went to the next “station” of her appointment, we went to the next window sill – and were feeling a bit bored …
But not for long …
One by one …
Or two by two
They came to say hello.
Little George got most of the attention, I have to say.
They came to say hello.
Oh yawn! Promise, I wasn’t bored.
But left for just one moment, George was begging for more attention!
More than two hours of waiting around, I was ready to leave.
YESSSSSS!!!!! We’re off.
What? You mean it’s our turn in the chair?
Whoa!!!! What’s happening?
What will Patsy at Love My Human have to say?

Phew! That was just a joke. I know my fringe is bit long but I don’t think Richard Ward has the right shears for my hair.

When we exited Richard Ward, it was habit that Mum walked into Zara – but with the recent decluttering and having seen how much stuff she has, we walked right out.

Thank goodness!

We crossed over the Square and Mum went into Aesop’s to get some bath oil for herself – she’s thinking of a nice hot bath for tonight. She asked if we would like the body wash for us.

What do you think George?
Yes, we will take one each.

Next stop – lunch! When we crossed over to the other side of King’s Road, we saw some “doggies” in the Trotter’s Children’s Wear window –

This one looks like me – it even has a “bow” in its hair like I do!

There were so many choices for lunch – Wulf and Lamb? Colbert? Han’s Grill? Mum decided to go to Poilane …

As usual it’s busy and full …

But we were seated quickly
Mum decided on Poilane because she wanted some hot soup to soothe her throat. She caught the bug that’s going around.
Ahhh, some Welsh rarebit … not the usual foie gras then? Mum’s trying to be just a bit healthier than normal. LOL!

One more stop before walking home.

In search of a Magic keyboard … but none in stock. Looks like we may have to go to Apple.

Waterstone’s is the other place Mum can’t help but stop in each time we walk along – always in search for new books for Little Tyke and Mini Tyke.

And we always have to read this book whenever we’re there.

Along the way, we keep seeing these signs …

Quite a bit has changed since I first came to live in London with Mum. We get the feeling that people are starting to understand that we are not “just dogs” – that we are part of the family or at least a very close friend.

Walking along happily on King’s Road, suddenly we hear barking …

Why, it’s Clementine!

There are ever so many pooches up and down the road. So many of us!

Of course we can’t ever walk past Love My Human before stopping in. This time, to drop off some of our new cards.

And while there, we met Sooty’s mum.

Sooty follows our daily adventures – and so glad he also goes to Love My Human. That way we will get to see him again.

When we finally got home – six hours later, we were zonked!

We had some shut eye and Mum had a cuppa.

May’s comment: There are days when I wonder how a dog ended up in my life. Holding their leashes in my hand, I look at these two four-legged furry beings at the end of them – and think they are my “responsibilities.” I call them my fur-kids. Just a decade ago, it would surprise anyone that I would or could be so dog-centric. How did I end up here??!?!! That was what I thought today – as I caught a reflection of myself while waiting for the lifts at Peter Jones. I took the lifts because I couldn’t carry them both up the escalator.

It was a beautiful day, though feeling a little rough, and instead of taking them to the park, I had things to do and they were coming with me – everywhere! And as we went through the morning, going into every store, having lunch together and just getting on with life, there are signs of change.

Today, London is a lot more dog-friendly than when I first had Darcy. Just being able to do everyday things with them without hesitation – we have come a long way.

As for those two fur-kids, well, sometimes we don’t know what we need until we have them. I am in a different space now and yes, people can change! I’m evidence!


  1. Christine

    Fab photos as always! You and George are leading the way for this change in attitude to dogs. Keep up the good work!
    When you’ve done London could you start on Spain please?
    Hope Mummy’s feeling better today. xx

  2. Nic

    I really enjoyed reading all of your antics during the day. It reminds me of Obi and I.

    We tend to go in shops, and if we don’t see the sign to say he can come in, we wait to get asked to leave.

    The shop I was most amazed we were allowed into was John Lewis in Edinburgh, they made such a fuss of him too! He didn’t enjoy the glass lift though.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us x

    • Miss Darcy

      Isn’t it amazing how John Lewis turned themselves around? From no dog policy one day to dogs welcomed – with fervour! There’s hope yet!

  3. Maureen Dell

    Such beautiful pics! Darcy and George are so Blessed to have you as their Mom!

  4. Margaret Danks

    What a busy day ! A bit of shut eye is well deserved 🐾❤️

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