Land Ahoy!

Sadly, it was time to leave the islands.

Good bye Bryher, Isles of Scilly! Goodbye Hell Bay Hotel! Thank you for being so lovely to us. We will be back.

Next ferry to St Mary’s to catch the ferry back to the “mainland” – the BIGGER island called England.

A family photo …

We’re not the only ones with hair flying in the wind. LOL!

As we got on the way, this seagull decided to fly with us.

Back at St. Mary’s – this time we’re sailing back on the Scillonian. Partly to try a different mode of transportation. Also because there were no more crate space available on the flights back to the mainland.

It was time to board as we hurried up the ramp with a lot of other doggies.

We were told we could sit anywhere – no restrictions. But Mum preferred to sit on the outside deck. She likes the wind in her face – to be sure she doesn’t get sea-sick. She had one experience of being sea-sick and never forgotten it – a bit like us not forgetting a bad experience.

It was fine to start with. I curled up and went to sleep during the two hour plus sailing time. While George sat on Mum’s lap the entire time.

As we were half way through, it started to sprinkle just a bit and getting colder all the time. I was fine but George was shivering in our rather thin raincoats. It kept us dry but not really warm.

George wasn’t a happy pup. But he had lots of cuddles from Mum – and his body kept her just a bit warmer. Mum didn’t want to go inside!

Finally we see land!

Mum! Look we have arrived!

Shall we get off and check out Penzance?

Our hotel is just up the road – as we walked along we saw this gold post box – painted for the Olympian rower, Helen Glover!

And George decided to do his business right next to it!

A short walk away we found our hotel – The Artist Residence!

We checked into our room –

The best dog bed by far on this trip.

Whoa! Look! there’s a smuggler on the top of the building across the street!!!!

Yes, we heard about those Benbow Brandy Men – so we came prepared to take them on!

We are the Pirates of Penzance!

May’s comment: Short and sweet visit to the Isles of Scilly – definite return! We sailed back to Penzance – yes, we prefer to fly but this is another option. Next March there are helicopters too – not sure if they are dog friendly though.

Our boat arrived at about 19.00 – too late to carry on our journey back to London. Found this quaint and eclectic hotel on Chapel Street. The Artist Residence – a small chain found in London, Brighton, Oxfordshire and soon Bristol.

It is across the street from The Admiral Benbow – one of the landmarks of Penzance. More about those Benbow Brandy Men later …

The Cornish Barn, which is their restaurant is dog-friendly. We ate dinner and also had breakfast there.

Our visit to Penzance was short – we enjoyed walking along Chapel Street

looking into the little independent shops. And finding interesting buildings …

And then we saw a mug in the window with a little black dog that looked just like George. And it was the only shop that was open –

We went in to inquire and saw these greeting cards too –

We just had to have it!

George approves – though we really wanted the other mug of the little dog in blue collar.

Found out that the mugs are by artist Melanie Stokes – trying to get the other mug.

Their yellow Talon raincoats are from Max-Bone.

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  1. Julie mcevilly

    What a fabulous trip you have all had!
    It’s a shame it couldn’t have been for longer
    Perhaps next time xx

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