Life’s Good!

Life wasn’t always good for this little Shih-Tzu and Pomeranian cross.  He started life with one family who really didn’t know what to do with him. He was kept in a room by himself. He had his bed and bowl of water. He was well fed – on adult dog food. He had toys and chewy things to play with but they were way too big for him.  And you know what they say that we never poo where we eat – well, he didn’t have a choice as he never left the room.  I think they really didn’t know much about dogs and a puppy as we know is a lot of  work.

So they did the right thing to rehome him.

Along came a family who was looking for a puppy.  When they went to visit him, they found him in the smelly room by himself. He was a little shy.  They managed to coax him to play.  It did not take long for the family to realise they had fallen in love and they offered to take him home.  Yay!  Offer was accepted – Yay!  And he went to his forever home.  Yay!

And the family named him RASCAL!!! 🙂 10441383_10152335898084947_5026032093944407940_nAwwww, loo at that face! Rascal did not just have a new forever home but he also has two doggy buddies – Cocoa, a cockapoo and Barley, a cavapoo.10420052_10152335897894947_1587451655817564325_n They’ve been playing with him but also being very protective of Rascal – 10474028_10152335898009947_2452547601223796572_n… helping him adjust to a life that dogs are very much a part of the human world.10406944_10152335897604947_1233217466072558504_n Where humans love to see us doggies run freely!10365725_10152335897689947_8484277903365904072_nAll this can be a bit tiring – this big new world!10308102_10152335897964947_5278155119963495072_nMay’s comment: Another happy ending.  No one really knows the situation behind why someone decides to re-home their pet and we’re not here to judge.  But really glad that Toni and family have given Rascal a new home!  But now that they have decided to keep Rascal for themselves, they still need to find her mother-in-law a dog! Hooray!  There’s another dog waiting to be rehomed! 🙂

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  1. Julia Bates

    He is adorable. Glad he found a lovely forever home x

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