Like your name, you’re now only a spirit.

We have extremely sad and difficult news to share. Ghost passed away on Saturday.

The surgery to correct her broken bones had been successful and they were stitching her up when she collapsed. They could not revive her.

She should have been recuperating and getting ready to make her flight to Europe in just a couple of weeks after her surgery.

But like your name, you vanished without saying goodbye.

Good night Ghost. Your beautiful adoptive parents did all they could to give you a better life. We followed your story and had already fallen in love with you – sweet, easy going, kind Ghost.

RIP Ghost – too short a life, taken away so unexpectedly.

May’s comment: Excitedly I opened an email from Jyothinka on Saturday for an update on Ghost. We couldn’t wait till the day she arrives in the UK. But the first line of the email immediately didn’t seem right. As I read on, I just could not and did not want to believe the tragic news.

“Ghost had her surgery and although the procedure was successful, towards the end, she collapsed. They could not revive her. She is no more.” 

We have never met Ghost but through PeePal, we followed this little pup’s survival from a near fatal accident. Jyothinka and Iker adopted her from afar and they raised money to get Ghost to the UK – to her forever home. She was being prepared to make her journey. After blood tests for rabies were done, they decided it was better for her to have the operation to correct her broken bones before she flew to Europe. All the travel plans were being put into place. And just as we thought that was the final step during her long period of recuperation and waiting, she was gone.

Life sometimes can deal such a wicked blow.

Thank you Jyothinka and Iker for letting us go on this journey with Ghost. For now, there are all sorts of feelings and thoughts going through your mind. All the what ifs. This was not the ending we were going to write. Our hearts are broken, but one thing I do know – there’s another dog out there who will benefit from your love.

Good night Ghost. You’re an angel unaware. Your start in life was horrific. Thanks to passing angels your life was spared. It seems so unfair that in making your life better, you lost it. But during your short time on earth, you made so many people care just a little bit more. Rest in peace. Your work is done.

This is the last update from Jyothika and Iker – Go Fund Me

We have some extremely sad and difficult news to share with you all. Ghost had her surgery on Saturday and although the surgery was successful and everything went well, towards the end, as they were doing the finishing stitches, she stopped breathing and despite their efforts to resuscitate, they could not revive her. They think her body just couldn’t cope with the anaesthesia. The vets said that there was no way to predict this, her blood test report and pre-surgery checks were all fine and that this is a very rare occurrence that can sometimes happen with anaesthesia.

We are absolutely devastated and in shock. It just feels impossible to accept and come to terms with at this stage, that our baby girl won’t be coming home. That we won’t be able to hug her and kiss her and tell her how much we loved her. Our home feels empty, which is strange because she was never here in the first place, but her absence is so very painful. 

Our hearts are shattered, we are overwhelmed, but we are trying our best to deal with it and to accept what has happened. We will never forget Ghost, she was and will be our first dog, we will remember that she was sweet, easy going and kind. And we hope that with time, we will heal. Although we were not fortunate enough to know her, we are certain that someday we will be able to open our hearts to another dog who is equally deserving of a loving home. 

We want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us and Ghost. What you have done for us is incredible, something we never even really imagined was possible when we started this campaign. It pains us deeply that this story couldn’t have a happy ending. We would really like to thank the veterinary team in Delhi, who undoubtedly did their very best for Ghost. To Patricia, who fostered Ghost in Delhi and gave her a loving home, even if only for a few days. And to all the people at Peepal Farm who rescued and cared for her since the beginning. 

The funds that we haven’t already used for Ghost will be sent to Peepal Farm. They have said they will keep these safe for us, if and when we are ready to adopt again. Or alternatively, to rescue and rehome other dogs like Ghost. 

The last photo taken of Ghost sleeping with the other other dogs in her foster home the day before surgery.


  1. Liz Burman

    Oh how sad. RIP little ghost may you run free with no more pain.????

  2. Cheryl

    This is such sad news! I believe all dogs go to Heaven, run free Ghost!

  3. Cecilia Lin

    How sad, RIP ghost!

  4. Cheryl

    Cheryl and Susie, sad news RIP Ghost. x

  5. Julie Norman

    RIP little Ghost… free over the rainbow bridge xxxx

  6. Jill Keiser

    How tragic little Ghost! Run free as know you are loved!

  7. Jane Groothuis

    How very sad. Yet how lucky Ghost was, to have known such support, to have felt such love in her final days. She’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, where she’s fully healed and running free. I like to think her family will meet her there someday.

    • Miss Darcy

      So many ways of looking at it. Our hearts are broken because we didn’t get to meet this lovely soul. But her fate is not for us to want or not. Her brief time on earth touched so many already. She was an angel unaware.

  8. Laura Cordivano

    I was so excited to see that there was a posting about Ghost. Couldn’t wait to see the happy photos whrnbshe arrived in London. I’m so sorry to hear this is what happened. Sweet little angel. I guess she was meant to go to an even better place than London. She will be missed ?

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