Little hooman’s works of (yummy) art

Little Tyke, Mini Tyke, one of my godmothers, Freya and her sister Claudia made all these strange objet d’art!

We were all at Biscuiteers

IMG_5498Icing biscuitsIMG_5493IMG_5480 IMG_5481 While George and I sat and waited for the outcome – will we get any?IMG_5478IMG_5492Oh, there’s tea and biscuits on this side of the icing area.IMG_5483Finally, I get to see what they have been doingIMG_5490Hmmm – looks a bit “adventurous.”IMG_5497Not so interested in those weird looking things, I went to look around at what else I can find in the store.
IMG_5500 And found Mini Tyke was stroking GeorgeIMG_5504We went a few doors down at Picola Cucina for lunch.
IMG_5510Now this is what I think every good godmother should do – thank you, Freya!

But alas, even Freya has taken to little George.  As we walked into the shops in Notting Hill, Freya was carrying George the whole time.IMG_5520While I stayed at ground level – looking at interesting thingsIMG_5519And before you know it, Freya asked to borrow George for the rest of the day.IMG_5496That’s ok. I got to go home with Mummy.  My godparents are slowly falling in love with George.IMG_5521May’s comment: Biscuiteers at Notting Hill was a good day out with kids – along with dogs! Not so interesting for them but they got to come along. Then we headed over to Picola Cucina for lunch – again dog-friendly and good Sicilian – generous portions and good food.IMG_5511Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Cafe at 194 Kensington Park Rd, London W11 2ES

Picola Cucina at 186 Kensington Park Rd, London W11 2ES

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