London, my London

Feeling broken-hearted about London. 🙁
The world has changed.

But today we still went to the park and we walked.
We walked with friends, and walk we must.
Maybe a little more cautiously but we must.

The world is not the same … things have changed.

May’s comment: When the places that we go to are attacked, it is an attack on our freedom.When once upon a time we never think twice to go exploring all over London, I must admit that now I do hesitate before I go to crowded touristy places. I am more cautious when I walk along busy streets. I am more aware.

We must not let them win, we say. But quietly, our minds have taken over. We think a little harder. We hesitate. And the city cries quietly in it’s own stoic way for the sadness of lives taken so unexpectedly and lives that have been changed forever in such senseless attacks in the name of false beliefs.

People come from all over the world to this city that has so much to offer. This is where I feel at home. I love the diversity, I love what it has given me and will continue to give me.  My heart is broken for London but it too will mend. And we must forge forward.

Just as we pained for Manchester, we must again remember –

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.



  1. Cheryl

    Our hearts are with all of London! We’ve been asked if we are going to cancel our trip to London in 2 weeks and we reply, “Absolutely not, why would we. We are not afraid, like you we will be a little more cautious, and pay more attention when out and about. But we love London and will not be kept away!

  2. Pam Fedley

    Our thought to you all in London and Manchester, I did wonder and hope that you and your beautiful furbabies were OK>, so glad to see you are. Keep up your post, buddy & I really enjoy them

  3. I lived in London for 10 years and my husband is British and my Dad was British, the fighting stoic Brits always bounce back. Google Ww2 milkman – he is the epiphany of Keep calm and carry on. You must!

  4. Elizabeth Burman

    My heart also breaks for London, the city of my birth. Although it’s many, many, many years since I’ve lived there, there is still a slender thread that will forever bind me to that city. These misguided people will eventually be defeated. It’s a pity that us humans can’t be more like our pooches, they never hold a grudge, all they want is to love us and run free. Stay Calm and Hug your Dog or Dogs as the case may be.💔💔

  5. Laura Cordovano

    So beautifully said May. I’m watching the concert in Manchester and the crowds are simply amazing. The beautiful young sea of faces gives me such hope. Arianna Grande and all her guests brought such humility and love to the occasion. Just a beautiful reflection of all that is right with the world.

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