LOVE Your Pet Day!

It seems February is a month of loving! There’s Valentine’s Day and the Chinese Lantern Festival is the “flirting day.”

And today is Love Your Pet Day.

I know Mum loves us every day but today is just a reminder for the hoomans to give us some extra appreciation.

Some suggestions on how to celebrate this day:

Bring your pet a special treat. I am not sure if buying us new raincoats is a special treat but Mum did share her Wagyu slider at Kurobuta with us!

Take an extra long walk – with Mum. During the week, we usually walk with our dog walker but today, it was just us four – as Jaffa is with us.

All four of us – enjoying the beautiful sunshine and blue skies.

Give them more attention on National Love Your Pet Day. Ahem! Jaffa seems to be getting a lot of attention.

May’s comment: Whatever you decide to do, spoil and appreciate your pets!

The day started off with someone thinking about the arrival of their new puppy and just wanted to say that no matter what, she will always love her first dog. It resonated so well.

While I did not intend to adopt George as I was just fostering him, I had not entertain those thoughts of how would Darcy feel. But when George entered our home and immediately into my heart, it was only after I had adopted him when I felt all twisted with emotions.

I wanted so much to love and protect George because of where he had come from. Yet, I owe so much to Darcy for being in my life at a time when I needed her. I felt so guilty for bringing George into our household and yet there was no way I would ever give up George so Darcy could become an only dog again. How could I have betrayed her?

Speaking about this dilemma with a friend, I wondered if I had done the right thing. And in her calm, still voice, she said, “May, but we don’t love two people the same way. We love each differently. No two loving are the same.”

Immediately, I took on board what she said. She’s right! And from then I realised then that the heart is expandable – if I let it. I realised I could love Darcy and George totally in the way I have a relationship with them. Darcy is my First Love – for teaching me unconditional love and for all the special moments that we have shared. And George is taught me that my heart is expandable.

And then I realised that I can love Jaffa too! I love Jaffa like she’s my own – even though she is ever so happy to see her family which reminds me she is not mine, I still love her with the protective love that I have for Darcy and George. This ability to love is a gift – and my dogs give me the ability to do so.


Kurobuta on Kings Road is dog-friendly. It does get a bit noisy in the evenings. Kurobuta Marble Arch – probably better to bring them early as it gets very noisy later in the evening.


  1. Cheryl

    Please give Darcy, George and Jaffa a hug and kiss from me. I do hope I can do it in person some day, maybe this June.

  2. Belinda

    We are so privileged to share our lives with our beautiful fur babies

  3. Norma roberts

    Dear may you have been feeling what every mum feels when she is expecting a second child. It is amazing the capacity of loving we women have for every single child fur or Hooman ?

    • Miss Darcy

      It’s amazing how dogs make us feel that way. I wanted to say – if only those horrible people out there can feel those feelings and then thought – hoomans out there abuse children too.

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