Lucca, you’ll never walk alone

Early last Sunday morning, Mummy woke up to the sound of a text message on her phone.  When she read the message, she looked stunned and then sad.  She turned to face us and told us the news – Lucca’s daddy had gone to sleep forever. 🙁

Lucca’s daddy, Fenton and his mummy, Jocelyn always brought him to our cockapoo meets – whatever the weather, they were always there.Soon, the meet-ups were not just for us. The hoomans have also become friends.And because they loved us so much, we went everywhere with them.  They liked taking us to restaurants, for example.At other times, we watched Fenton and Jocelyn do some strange hooman things! We jumped through those hoops but the hoomans preferred to stand in the middle of them and had the hoops go round and round. What’s that all about?When Lucca and Rusty’s mummies went shopping, the boys would sit with their daddies and talked about life and other things. 😉And if not for Fenton, I would never have made the trip to Malta with Mummy. That’s because Fenton, in one of his many business trips around the world, had seen a promotion at The Corinthia Hotel about welcoming dogs. He told Mummy about it and well, we made that trip because of Fenton.

But Fenton has left us … and today, our hoomans went to say goodbye to “Fenti“.  Mummy told us it was a beautiful send-off by his family and his so many friends. We would love to have been there for Jocelyn but since we couldn’t, we were there for her in spirit.

Lucca, we are very sorry that your daddy has gone away – somewhere over yonder – on the other side of the rainbow. But know that you will never have to walk alone.We will always be there for you and your mummy.We will always be there walking with you. We will always be the three amigos.

May’s comment:  The Hyde Park Cockapoo Friends have been meeting up since January 2013. We started with four pups and by April that year, this was our group.  That was the first time we met Lucca and his owners – Fenton and Jocelyn.They have two human sons but I think Lucca quickly became their youngest and usurped the place of the two human ones! LOL!

Over time, many of those pooches and owners have come and gone – some moved away, some didn’t have time any more, but Fenton, whenever he could, he or Jocelyn always brought Lucca to our meets. And even when he wasn’t feeling great, he still wanted to come. He wanted Lucca to have some fun time with his friends – and he did.  Lucca would always come bounding around the corner and jumped up to say hello to everyone. Fenton, Jocelyn and Lucca were very much a part of our core group.

Sometimes when all the dogs have left, we went for lunch or we just sat down to talk about human things.Fenton’s mind was always working. He was always doing some deal somewhere in the world.  Always with Lucca by his side while he yelled and shouted at the phone! LOL!

He never let his illness get him down. But his treatments were causing havoc with his body, and he was able to make light of them. One time he said to me when asked, “I’m fine, just no hair this time.” And he laughed.
Even when his legs were giving him problems and he couldn’t walk well, he came regardless. He came for Lucca. He talked about things to everyone who was ready for a conversation. He would stay for a while till we have taken our group photo and then he would sit by himself in the car.  This was the last time we saw him at our August meet. Fenton fought the illness till the end. But regardless, it was still too sudden.

We miss you Fenton.  The Hyde Park Doodles friends will miss you.  We became friends because of our dogs and have become a family of sorts related by our four-legged kids. 🙂 Over the years, we’ve had doggie lunches, birthday parties, Christmas and Halloween celebrations – all this from a chance meeting because of our dogs.

Good night, Fenton.  Sleep well. We will look after Lucca.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Very sad news May. We are on this earth but a heartbeat, so we must make the most of our time on this tiny dot in the universe and just hope that when we do pass onto whatever awaits us, all of our loved ones, hooman or furry, are there to greet us.

  2. Cheryl and Susie

    Did not know Fenton, but enjoyed reading about Lucca and his family, how the dogs had brought you all together. Sending thoughts and prayers to Fenton’s family and friends.

  3. Alex

    How sad 😓

  4. Julia

    Aww how sad. I met him a couple of times at Gaucho. Lovely guy. 😔

  5. Lucca

    Thank you for the lovely pictures and words.
    How lucky we are to have our gorgeous poos who brought us together
    Fenton always said Lucca gave him the opportunity to meet the most wonderful people and he loved taking Lucca to the poo gatherings.
    Lucca still pads the floor at night looking for Fen,……
    Good night
    See you Darcy and George soon XXXX

    • Miss Darcy

      Good night Jocelyn. Lucca has you and you have him. And you have friends. We’ll all see you soon. Xxx

  6. Rosemary Hygate

    So very sad to read this.

  7. Denise Zalocosta

    Fenton was a very close friend of mine over 60 years. He was totally besotted with Lucca,and Lucca gave him so much affection in return. Fenton will be missed so very much, but as they say “It’s always the ones that they leave behind that suffer most.”
    I know Fenton will be still taking those walks with Lucca.

  8. Marsha shalvi

    Thank you for this tribute to my brother. Our parents passed their love of pets onto us as we grew up with a dog, cats, fish and budgies. Fenton loved all his dogs but Lucca was special. Maybe because he came at a time in Fent’s life that Fenton could love him 24/7 and draw comfort from the devotion only a dog can give.
    Fent often spoke to me of the poo gatherings and how much he enjoyed them. I am sure that Lucca, his walks with Lucca and poo meetings helped make Fent’s last years possible.
    Thank you all

  9. Cecilia

    Although I don’t know Fenton, I can feel how much he is missed by everyone around him especially Lucca! Sending thoughts and prayers to Fenton’s friends and family!

  10. Joel Conway

    Just seen this fantastic tribute to my dad and Lucca. It is really lovely. Thank you May. Fenton loved being part of the cockapoo club, for the Poos and the great people, and the shared pleasure you all had together with him. I am so pleased he had you all in his life. Long may it continue, Joel xxx

  11. Alison Mullett

    So sad to read about Fenton. My heart goes out to Jocelyn, their family and Luca. May they find comfort in their memories of Fenton and the care of their friends. 😢

  12. Martine Davis

    If it wasnt for our cockerpoos we would never have met, but I am so glad we did. Rusty and Luca met as puppies in Primrose Hill and then joined us at the Hyde Park Cockerpoo club and have been firm members ever since. Fenton will be very much missed by Jim, Rusty and I. We will think of him fondly at our cockerpoo meets. Xx Martine

  13. Monique Cohen

    Wishing Jocelyn a long life so sorry to hear of her sad news sending our love to her Monique and Lucy ( Tiger Rose’s mum and sister ) xxx

  14. Monique Cohen

    Hi May , all good here always looking at your posts we occasionally look after Beau who’s a cavashon we’ll try and bring him to one of the meet ups hope all’s well with you love and hugs xxxxx

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