Luna and Dusseldorf

We spent my first Christmas in Dusseldorf. That was my first trip abroad.

It was a long journey – taxi from home to Liverpool Street station, train to Harwich and then an overnight ferry to Hoek van Holland.


In Mummy’s cabin on the Stena Line – I was not suppose to be in there!

I didn’t like that I was put in a crate in the kennel with a few other dogs. They barked, I barked and then we finally settled down for the night.


In my crate

The next morning I couldn’t wait to get off the ferry as I desperately needed to release myself. I couldn’t hold it very long so I actually did it on the ramp leaving the ferry. Oops!

After we were ashore, we still had to catch three trains – to Rotterdam, to Utrecht before we arrived in Dusseldorf and another taxi ride before we reached the Seebergers house. 16 hours journey door-to-door.


At the Seebergers, I met a Parson Russell Terrier called Luna.  We started playing at once!


Until we were both knackered!


We played and we played and we played – ran about in the garden, jumped over water feature and lying on the flowerbed much to the horror of my hosts.  Luna and I loved kissing each other.


I also experienced my first snowfall.



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