Lunch at Liberty

Today we had lunch at Liberty’s.

We like the old staircase – walked up two flights of stairs to the cafe –IMG_7626 Here’s me under the table – my usual stance.IMG_7631 Mummy’s food arrived …IMG_7634And I had to see what she ordered.IMG_7636 Oh, not so interesting but can I have some bread, please?

After lunch we did some shopping – Mummy’s favourite place – dining and kitchen wares.  We found these doggy themed porcelain cups and jugs but nothing that looked like me – so we didn’t get any.IMG_7629Well, just got to check to see how I am looking.IMG_7638


  1. Jocelyn

    Pleased to see Miss Darcy visiting my fav shop, I will take Lucca soon X

  2. Rusty

    Awwww xx

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