Lunching at Franco’s

It was a Mummy and me day – Jaffa’s back from her holidays and George has gone for a playdate. They greeted each other like long-lost buddies – it has been three weeks!

In the meantime, we had a few errands to run – from looking for lamps at Mr. Light in FulhamIMG_9938– to The Cloth House on Berwick Street in Soho, we traversed Central London today – in the rain.IMG_9966Mummy enjoys going to The Cloth House – she said it’s quaint, like an old-fashioned shop.  She has never brought me there before as she assumed they would be worried about us pooches peeing on their tempting rolls fabric stacked upright like tree trunks.  Or doggies who shed could leave a trail of hair on them. But no, everyone was delighted to see me.

In fact we told them that the fabric of my coat was bought from there – IMG_9967See those rolls of neoprene fabric? Mine is red and George has the blue and navy.IMG_9969We got what we came for and went upstairs to pay IMG_9972Thankfully by the time we left the rain had stopped. And it was time for lunch! We walked to Franco’s on Jermyn Street. IMG_9954 That zig-zag on the rug – we figured out that was an “F” for Franco’s and wearing my coat, I matched.IMG_9953As we were seated, I wondered if I was allowed on the banquette but Mummy said probably not in this restaurant. It’s a little too proper.IMG_9956 So I huddled under the table and rested my head on Mummy’s napkin that was on her lap – waiting …IMG_9943I could smell a delicious Veal Milanese – IMG_9947So close and yet so far.

But patience paid off and I did get some “hand-me-downs”IMG_9949When all that veal was gone, I settled down and waited while Mummy had her affogato.

May’s comment: A rather proper Italian restaurant but dog-friendly!  Situated at the St James’s end of Jermyn Street, Franco’s has been serving the community from early morning to late at night for over 60 years.IMG_9960Open all day, the personality of the restaurant evolves from a quietly and gently efficient breakfast venue to a sharp and charged lunch atmosphere, to elegance and romance in the evening.

So even before going to the shops along Regent Street and in the surrounding area, you can have an “efficient” breakfast or stop for lunch, have a cup of espresso or cappuccino in the cafe area.

IMG_9955Lunch during the week draws quite a serious business crowd, but weekends are probably more relaxedIMG_9945Franco’s is said to be London’s first Italian restaurant. It is at 61 Jermyn Street.IMG_9962The Cloth House at 47 Berwick Street is such a sweet and quaint shop in Soho. We come here to buy a lot of the fabrics for our coats. I’m not much of a seamstress at all but love looking at all the options.IMG_9971

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