Lyra, darling little girl!

A couple of weeks ago, Mummy met Lyra, an eight week old Cockapoo who lives the next street over from us.IMG_1680Finally the other day George and I met Lyra. We were sitting at Juice Baby for Mummy’s morning ritual when we sniffed/saw/heard “someone” interesting coming in.IMG_2152And it was Lyra. I was curious about her. I really was.IMG_2150The photos do not do me justice.  She was very curious about George and I.IMG_2151She started crying and wanted to get down to play.IMG_1682But she was only 9 weeks and have not had her last round of injections yet. Just you wait, Lyra. IMG_2156You’ll be playing with us in no time. And we’ll teach you about squirrels!



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